How To Make Money On Youtube

31There are thousands of people out there who want to use the internet to make money online. One such way is by use of YouTube as a platform that will enable one to post a video that will be viewed globally by millions of people. There have been inspirational stories of people who have posted a 2 minute clip on YouTube and have ended up making thousands of dollars.

What all this means is that any person can make money on YouTube by just becoming a YouTube partner. This allows a person to display ads on the videos they wish to post. As a result one earns a percentage of the revenue that is generated by clicking those ads, just like it happens on AdSense. You can earn between $3 to $10 in every 1000 views.

It is worth noting that the process of an individual becoming a YouTube partner is usually not as trivial as compared to becoming an AdSense publisher. To make money on YouTube you need to:

1. Have an AdSense Account

Despite the fact that the process of displaying ads on your YouTube videos is usually separate, it is expected that your earnings as well as stats will have an impact on your AdSense account; this makes it important for you to have an AdSense Account.

2. Work on growing your YouTube Audience

The more people will view the videos you post the more money you make. This this is because for every click you earn a percentage of the revenue from the ad. You basically need to have at least; 1,000 subscribers, 1,000 views on all your videos and 10,000 channel views to make reasonable amount of money.

3. Regularly Get Videos Out There (on YouTube)

If all you have are two or three videos, even if they happened to go viral this doesn’t guarantee you acceptance or more money. This is because YouTube is focused on working with people for a long time and the more videos you post the more money you make. The more frequent you are on uploading new videos gives you a chance to make more money after you have been accepted and also if you have not been accepted already then you are more likely to get accepted.

4. Develop a Brand around Your Videos

Brands are more likely to make more money than a person who is just not recognized. To make more money on YouTube, you must focus on establishing your YouTube account as a brand. People need to know what line of things you’ re likely to post and get the assurance that what you are giving them is quality. You can create a brand by doing things like; creating a website that can host your videos as well as giving all your audience a better way to interact. You also can create a nice logo that you can use on all your videos, watermark your videos with your logo, make professional intro made to your videos and lastly customize your YouTube channel.

5. Check your analytics

After you have uploaded your videos online, monetized them and they start getting views, check out their analytics and see how they are performing. You can do this by simply clicking analytics option in your channel menu. Through this you can view the estimated earnings, video views, ad performance, demographics and more.
You can use the tools to evaluate how your content is resonating with your audience. You also can opt to change your content or your marketing in the event that you find you aren’t attracting the type of users that you want so that you can make more money.

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