Top 3 DSLR cameras of 2015

A DSLR is a digital single-lens reflex camera combining the features of a single-lens camera with more modern digital image sensors compared to the older previously used film cameras. The main difference between other digital cameras is the DSLR’S reflex design scheme .If you are thinking of buying a new DSLR but can’t choose due to all the different brands and models, all promising the best shots, this article focuses on the top 3DSLR cameras taking in account their price range.

We start with the NIKKON D3300 which is the best DSLR camera for beginners due to its intermediate level performance with a beginner friendly price and design. Its capabilities can be compared with other cameras costing hundreds more. It is capable of shooting 24.3 mega pixel images and 1080p video taking 60 frames per second. The D3300 color ratio is also out of this world making it look exactly like real life. The camera is also very light and with a standard collapsible lens makes it very easy to transport. Some of the cons of this camera are much contributed to its low price of 496 dollars like the 3 inch 921k pixel LCD screen that can’t rotate or tilt and is not touch screen it also doesn’t feature advanced controls like more expensive cameras. What makes this such a good camera for beginners is the fact that it is a Nikon that makes it possible to upgrade the standard 18-55mm lens to hundreds of other lenses as the photographer develops more skill.

Secondly we have the Sony Alpha 77 M2 with a price of roughly 950 dollars makes this compared to more expensive cameras one of the fastest shooting DSLR’s in the world and by far the fastest in its price range. It shoots 12 frames per second for up to 5 seconds. The Sony alpha 77 M2 uses a slightly less conventional mirror compared to standard DSLR’s. This camera uses a translucent mirror that focuses the light into an AF sensor making it a great camera for fast-action-shots. Due to this the Sony Alpha is able to shoot fast moving objects with a breeze and gives it the power to refocus after every shot. It comes standard with a 3 inch LCD screen that’s able to tilt and rotate making every angle possible. The only con to this camera is it weighs 1 pound 10 ounces but is a small price to pay compared to all its capabilities.

Lastly we have the Canon EOS 70D at the price of roughly 1449 dollars makes this one of the most versatile DSLR’s for any situation on the market to date .Its packed with loads of special features: 20 MP camera CMOS imaging chip technology, a 19 point auto focus system, a shutter speed of 1/8,000 sec, ISO light sensitivity and a tilt and rotating 3inch LCD screen. The Canon EOS 70D has one of the best autofocus features of all DSLR’s making this a must have for all up and coming photographers and filmmakers.

This is a list of the top 3 DSLR’s in the medium price range to help people looking for a new DSLR get through some confusion surrounded with buying a new camera.

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