Tips For Shooting A Low Light Video

Shooting videos is greatly dependent on lighting conditions. Getting quality videos can be really hard if you are shooting them in low light situations. But with a few creative tips and tricks, you can be able to create videos that are a cut above the competition.

Use Artificial Lighting

If you are shooting the videos indoors, you will need to open the blinders and switch all the lights on. If you are shooting the videos on the street, you can utilize every source of light that is within your reach, for instance, streetlights, floodlights of a vehicle or even the moonlight. You can turn this little misfortune to your advantage and shoot very mysterious and romantic scenes.

Shoot At the Widest Angle

When you are shooting a video in low light conditions, doing it at the widest angle will be the best way to go. This is because the wide angle lens helps to keep the image brighter by allowing more light. Using diffusion lens can also help you very much if you are shooting a low light video, so make sure that it is part of your camera man tools.



Use these tips and you will be able to shoot images like this.
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Know The Tools That Your Camera Possesses

Even though knowing some ninja tricks can be quite liberating when shooting a low light video, the camera itself might have some amazing tools that might help you out. Cameras usually come with built-in lights that can offer you relief from running around the place and setting up lights in order to improve the quality of the video that you are shooting. You will need to use these lights carefully because they can result into loss in terms of quality if overused.

Reduce The Frame Rate Of The Video

Many video cameras nowadays can allow you to adjust the frame rate of your video. In fact, there are some that try to emulate the look of film using an option that allows you to shoot at 24 frames per second. If you are shooting the video in a low light situation, you should change the frame rate to 24 frames per second as opposed to the common rate of 30 frame rates per second if you want the quality of the video to improve.

Turn Off or Slow Down Shutter Speed

Turning off the shutter will also be a great thing to do when shooting a low light video. It allows you to capture the frame for 1/24th of a second instead of the usual 1/30th of a second. More light will be allowed into the camera, and as a result the video will be brightened. You do not necessarily need to turn off the shutter speed. You can just adjust it accordingly until enough amount of light gets into the camera.

Use a Digital SLR Camera

A digital SLR camera is a great option when it comes to shooting videos in low light situations. It performs so well because it allows you to use different lenses with wide open apertures, it allows you to control shutter speed and frame rate, and it also allows you to increase the sensitivity without adding much noise as it is usually the case with regular video cameras.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can shoot amazing videos in low light conditions without the risk of losing the best frames. If your attempts do not pay off well, you can use some specific software to edit the videos and add some lighting at some points.

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