5 Best Spas in Hong Kong

When it comes to excitement there is no place like Hong Kong, but when you want to unwind and relax, there is no place like Hong Kong.

Spa At Four Seasons is located at 8 Finance Street. The Spa features a Chinese Wellness Custom that begins with a warm scrub. Rice milk is then poured on the shoulders and spine, after that a honey mixture is smoothed on skin. The mixture is washed off under a rain shower, then the treatment is ended with a full body massage.

Zenjoy is located on the 9th floor of a high rise on Johnson Street in Wan Chai, it has separate floors for men and women. The spa is clean and affordable. It features Lymphatic Meridian Massage which is also called a deep tissue massage. They also perform dry cupping massages.

Mandarin Oriental Spa & Wellness is located at 5 Connaught Road Central, it offers holistic treatments in a stylist d├ęcor. They feature the Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies which consist of hands on body massage with custom blended essential oils, that begins with a consultation to determine state of wellbeing. Customers are encouraged to arrive earlier than appointment time to relax in the indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. Afterwards they are given diet and exercise advise.

Oriental Harmony offers a two people massage who works in unison to relax you. The treatment begins with a foot soak to relax your mind, then a warm scrub is applied that smooth the skin, then the massage to balance the body. The treatments ends with a head and foot massage at the same time to energize.

Imperial Jade Ritual starts with a herbal compress and reflexology to open meridian energy lines. The massage stimulates acupressure points that aid in tension release. A scrub follows to awaken the skin prior to the body mask to get rid of toxins. The treatment ends with a face mask and during which cool jade stone rollers are used on face to life and tone.

Mummys Moments is a post natal treatment to soothe muscle and make way for figure to return. A herbal remedy is applied to tummy to help flatten it and help body heal naturally. The essential oils used are safe for nursing mothers which include lemongrass and ginger.

The Ritz Carlton Spa is located on the 116th floor of the hotel with floor to ceiling windows. It is the world’s highest hotel spa. Upon arriving you are given tea, then you are given a diagram to point out problem areas and a consultation to customize your treatment. The relaxation area overlooks the city. For women they offer a Lava Shell Body Treatment and for men a hot volcanic stone massage.

The Mira Spa is located at 118 Nathan Road, it features a wet zone with whirlpool, showers, saunas, infinity pool and heated floatation lounges to enjoy before or after your visit. Their feature treatments are:

MiraTouch Journey starts with a foot ritual, then a deep TOUCH massage to remove tension and improve circulation. The use of essential oils and plant extract speeds up metabolism. The treatment ends with a pressure point scalp and shoulder massage. Sleepless in Hong Kong is a head to toe massage using essential oils that relax and promotes a good night’s rest. You are given a facial to recondition the skin.

Mira-culous uses a salt and coffee scrub to exfoliate and then the skin is layered in marine algae and massaged with plant oils to soften. While you are wrapped you are given a facial to firm and tone the skin.

Yin & Yang Massage uses natural products that respect the ancient art of alchemy. This massage promotes a sense of inner balance and deep relaxation.

When choosing a spa the price don’t always mean you get good service. You should know what you are looking for in a spa and pick one accordingly. Investing in a spa is well worth it, because they are geared to help you relax and cope with the stresses of everyday life.